Skippers is anxious to cater your next event.

Please contact Skippers Catering at: so we may assist you with planning and also provide you a quotation.

Catering Guidelines

For planning purposes we recommend:

  • Meats:  1/2 lb. per person is recommended
  • Sides:  pints (2 people), quarts (5 people), gallon (15 – 20 people)
  • Desserts: 1/2 pan (8-10 people), full pan (20 people)
  • Beverages: gallon (8 people)

Note: single serving assumptions

A catering order must including a minimum of either five (5) pounds of meat, or one (1) gallon of a side dish.

Because Skipper’s smokers have to be reserved and scheduled in advance, there is a minimum 48 hour advance notice before a catering order for smoked meats may be accepted.

Cups and utensils are included with catering orders.  The number of plates and cups will be determined based on the number of pounds of smoked meat multiplied by two (2).  (Ex.  10 lbs of meat will include: 20 16oz. cups, 20 plates, 20 forks, 20 teaspoons, 20 napkins, 20 knives and serving utensils.)

Skipper’s offers pickup service only for catering orders.  Skipper’s does not delivery catering orders.